Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Baby Shower Gift?

Well in a few months I'll be expecting my very first child...pretty scary...still hasn't hit me yet that I'm T-minus 57 days much less will be welcoming a new addition to my family.

So during the past few months I've been trying to cope with the stressors at work, picking up some things for the new arrival, dealing with heartburn, making new jewelry and other items to add to my shops, and every "fun" events that life has to offer.

I recently went home for Thanksgiving and found my mom on her crocheting-spree.  She made like four blankets and caps...LOL.  I'm like, I won't need all these blankets but she insisted I take them home.  I gave a set to a friend who's also expecting and I have one in my overnight bag and have another for when we go visit grandma...which left this one set you see here that I added to my shop for sale.  This would make a great baby shower gift for any new mom. One other great thing about this set is it was handmade with love!

Happy Shopping!

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