Sunday, May 8, 2011

Kabibe Shell? What is that?

Kabibe?  What is it you ask?  Well, the first time I saw the word myself I had no idea what it meant or even was.  So what do we naturally do when we're curious about something?  "Google it!" right?

So this is what I found out thru one of my results kabibe shell references an animal shell or sea shell.   In Tagalog dictionary it means: scallop; shell
The word Kabibe is also a name of a place: Mahiwagang Kabibe  (Magical Clam) which is a location for one Filipino comic book character.  

And lastly, it is also a name whose origin is from Africa which means:  Little Lady

Pastel Kabibe Shell
So, when I found this Kabibe Shell Pendant and added pastel cracked beads to it, the outcome matches the vast orgin of the word.  It's unique that would pleasantly adorn any Little Lady who's just as unique as the name!  Visit anyone of my shops on the Shop Here tab to purchase it!  Great Graduation gift for your special graduate!


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Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

I had no idea what Kabibe shell is - thanks for the lesson. Love the colors!

Chef in Training said...

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