Saturday, April 2, 2011

New Ear Adornments for this Spring!

Just got back from a two week vacation ... well not really time off from work--very much needed since I can't recall a day that I actually didn't think about my job! 

Anyways, I spent the past 2 nights relaxing and coffee table and couch was my hobby shop...while watching Ghost Adventurers...

These new pieces have been added to my shop, inspired by Spring and friends...
Wedded Bliss

Suzy Q
Butterfly Clusters

Spring Fling
Emerald Love
I have to play some catch up with a lot of blogs and postings (fun!)...

Hope you are enticed enough to find your way to my shop to get these pieces if not for yourself then someone special...remember after Easter is Mother's Day!

Happy Shopping Amigos/Amigas!

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